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Chan の友は元気にしているか。

















Emotion 2021 -19 contemporary artist - 展示

Spiral Independent Creators Festival SICF22_EXHIBITION

Nine years of face wall.

It was in the shape of a person. It was not just a person. It forgot about pain and pleasure, and just kept on matching face to face.


A thousand years of wall-to-wall. Morning or evening?

To forget the pain, it stopped thinking, and it remembered to think.

How are Chan's friends doing?

What are his father, mother, and brothers doing now?

In a strange land, day after day, the image of the friend who traveled with the scenery of his hometown comes to mind.

From wishful thinking to symbiosis.

After coming to China from India, which was a major turning point in Bodhidharma's life, I followed the emotional aspects that I felt by leaning and reading about his relationship with the people around him, focusing on the events in the mountains behind the Shaolin Temple, into the design of the Dharma, a modern folk art.

Dharma, the foreigner depicted in Sesshu's illustration, represents the slightly insane strength of will of a man who tried to deepen his understanding of the strength of his own feelings by ripping off his arms.

According to one theory, he spent nine years sitting on a wall in the mountains behind the Shaolin Temple, and his limbs rotted away as he tried to seek understanding from the locals, which is the origin of the four-character phrase "nine years on the wall.

In honor of the history of the dharma, which has continued to be made as a folk art product by preserving its shape and production method, I decided to express myself only in the surface decoration without shaking the tradition as much as possible.
By mixing several metal powders into the plaster and continuously applying a solution, he has preserved the details of the plaster while creating rust.

The greenish-blue color, which acts as a protective coating to protect us from corrosion, is a reminder of the defense instincts that we are willing to release.

The red rust generated by the progress of corrosion represents the troubles in society, human relations, and living environment.

In the artist's hands, both sides, which cannot coexist in the natural world, are placed in a single frame. By mixing the inevitability of metals growing and changing with human desires and conflicts, the artist creates a value of beauty that fascinates.


When this is recognized as an element, it is stable as a material and may mean enlightenment in matter.

Through the passage of 1,500 years, we can experience the solid layering of minute events that accumulate through rusting and aging.

Emotion 2021 -19 contemporary artist - Exhibition

Spiral Independent Creators Festival SICF22_EXHIBITION