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コエダ 小林 | Koeda Kobayashi

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実験家 / デザイナー


神戸芸術工科大学にてインダストリアルデザインを学び、デザインプロジェクト「Design Soil」に在籍し、制作・展示活動を行う。

現在、デザイン事務所、A Studio Design にて安積 伸の元でアシスタントを行いつつ、個人でも活動を行っている。



Born in 1996. Grew up in the countryside of Himeji City, Hyogo Prefecture.

Studied industrial design at Kobe Design University, and was a member of the design project "Design Soil," where he produced and exhibited his work.

Currently working as an assistant under Shin Azumi at A Studio Design, a design office, while also working on his own.


Struggles daily to translate nature.

Let's have a good time together, from work requests to joint productions and exhibitions.