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コエダ 小林 | Koeda Kobayashi

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実験家 / デザイナー

1996 年生まれ。兵庫県姫路市の村で育つ。

神戸芸術工科大学にてインダストリアルデザインを学び、デザインプロジェクト「Design S oil」に在籍し、制作展示活動を行う。
卒業後、プロダクトデザイン事務所、合同会社A S tudio D esign にて安積 伸の元でアシスタントを3年間担当。

現在は東京藝術大学に所属。「コエダ 小林」の名義にて実験家として個人で活動。


また、時岡 翔太郎、有村 大治郎と共に「 21B STUDIO 」として様々なプロジェクトも行っている。



Experimentalist / Designer

Born in 1996. Grew up in a village in Himeji, Hyogo Prefecture.
Studied industrial design at Kobe Design University, where he was a member of the design project "Design S oil" and engaged in production and exhibition activities.
After graduation, worked for 3 years as an assistant under Shin Azumi at the product design firm ASTudio Design, LLC.

Currently affiliated with Tokyo University of the Arts, he works privately as an experimentalist under the name "Koeda Kobayashi.

He continues to work on the theme of translating natural phenomena, facing things with a deep awareness like a researcher, but also with an inquisitive mind like an explorer, for the purpose of pure enjoyment.

He is also involved in various projects as "21B STUDIO" with Shotaro Tokioka and Daijiro Arimura.


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