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リサーチオブジェクト|Research object
material|Acrylic resin

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photokoeda kobayashi




Two men and a woman live in the distant future. They live a life far removed from the human race of the past. No trace of the old habits of food, sleep, or sex remains. Sexual activity has undergone a remarkable transition: they no longer cover each other, and their genitals no longer intersect. The sexual organs are now exclusively encased in toys, and as if in response to the toys, they are plunged into a whirlpool of optimization.
It is no exaggeration to say that this is the ultimate system of human evolution.
Eternity passes. Skin wears away, bones dissolve, and yet the object still exists. The appearance is very different from what we expected, yet continuity is maintained. In a future far beyond our control, in a human root from which we have been cut out.




To create the evolution of humanity tens of thousands of years later, we executed a research project. Focusing on the "sexual act," which is a symbol of human life, we pondered the transition of the activity of nurturing life. If people were able to have children by other means, where would the empty sexual act and genitalia go?
If the general framework of how the human body works remains unchanged, we believe that it is the 'sex toy' that defines their existence. They satisfy the sexual organs with a wide variety of shapes, and are being improved day and night in pursuit of the shape that will make them feel the sharpest.
In the distant future, genitalia will change little by little. Aiming for the best shape for toys. Their shapes will probably be almost completely different.
The precise optimization of sex toys will embody natural objects, architecture, etc., or the wisdom of mankind, and will foster the evolution of sexual organs. After many years, the genitalia will surely continue to have some meaning, even though they are weathered in this way.

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