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material|Paper , Metal , Ammonium chloride , Brine

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photoArimura Daijiro​ Takizawa Kazuya






Emotion 2021 -19 contemporary artist - 展示

Spiral Independent Creators Festival SICF22_EXHIBITION

A Dharma doll with a majestic atmosphere, covered with red rust and greenish blue.
I was fascinated by the figure standing there casually, and when I learned about his background, I aimed to create a dharma that "grows together" rather than one that prays.

Bodhidharma (Daruma Daishi, Bodhidharma) was the model for Dharma.
It seemed that Daruma's life was all about success, but as the saying goes, "Seven falls, eight rises," he had to endure extraordinary hardships. Most of the time, people focus on his results and achievements, but if you look at the facts of what he has accomplished under the surface, you will see how he has faced despair and fought against it. From this, I realized that one of the factors for success is the coexistence and growth with the people and environment around you.
and growth with the people and environment around him.

I decided to cover the papier-mâché campus with two types of metal as an expression of the twists and turns in his life that only I, as an experimentalist, could create. Originally, when metals are melted and mixed together, they change their appearance as an alloy, but I mixed metal powder with plaster to create a fluid metallic material. The greenish-blue color that develops over time acts as a protective coating to protect against corrosion. The greenish-blue color that develops over time serves as a protective coating to protect against corrosion. The red rust that occurs as the corrosion progresses represents bad luck in society, human relationships, and living environment. In the artist's hands, both sides, which cannot coexist in nature, are put into one frame.

By mixing the inevitability of metals that grow and change with the desires and conflicts of human beings, he creates a value of beauty that fascinates.

When I confront Dharma, I feel that I can try a little harder than usual.
It is a Dharma that will help you reach your goals together.

Emotion 2021 -19 contemporary artist - Exhibition

Spiral Independent Creators Festival SICF22_EXHIBITION


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