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植物とその機能に着目し、 樹脂素材であるポリエステル性の布( オーガンジー )を2 重に折り重ねることで水を吸収することなく、毛細管現象によって持ち上げるアナログなポンプの役割を再現 。


底面の大きな器から抑揚を持ちながらそびえ立つガラスの柱にはそれぞれ役割がある。 とある柱は水源となり、ある柱は器となり、無色透明な水に表情を与える立役者となる。


ミラノデザインウィーク フォーリサローネ

FUTURE DOME PRIZE ( CATEGORY: Emotional Syntheses )

A diffuser that cuts out a momentary description of the natural world and confines it in an artificial product.


It is an object as a device that artificially reproduces the transition of time, such as the morning dew dripping from a pinched leaf.

Focusing on plants and their functions, a polyester cloth (organdie), a resin material, is folded in two layers to reproduce the role of an analog pump that lifts water by capillary action without absorbing it.

By using a mechanism that slowly transports water, we were able to create a situation that ma16ximally approximates the movement unique to natural objects, such as the swaying of leaves and the rebounding of water droplets after they fall, which could not be reproduced with water-supplying fabrics such as cotton or silk.

Each of the glass pillars that rise up from the large vessel at the bottom with an inflection has its own role. One pillar serves as the water source, another as the vessel, and the third as the actor who gives expression to the colorless, transparent water.

The shimmering of the leaves and the shifting of the water are linked together to create a pleasing timescale.

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